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He needs your advice.

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I was discussing with my friend few days ago when he told me about some things happening in his life. He told me that his fiancee was transferred to another neighboring state from her place of her work few months ago. Since then he discovered a lot of things has changed about her. But recently she confessed to him that she has cheated on him with a guy close place she is residing and since then she has been troubled in her mind and she has to tell him so that she can have peace of mind. Since this revelation from this lady things have not been the same. What advice do we have for my friend?

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Let your friend decide what he wants to do? He could divorce his wife, forgive her or hate her. Your friend should ask his wife if she going to stop fleeting or if that is just the beginning because her answer might help him to take the right action. If she lies to him, well, I don't know