Religious Cleric Ahmad Amadi Denounces Islam

The popular religious cleric and Nigerian sect leader of the Muslim Against Terror Organization (MATO), Dr Ahmad Amadi has denounced Islam and embrace Christianity. The religious cleric said that he has notified Muslim communities and other members of the organization in Abia state. Mr Ahmad said that he has been welcomed into Christianity by members of his community and other prominent personalities in the state. The religious cleric did not disclose his reasons for denouncing his faith. This has generated mixed reactions, especially across social media platforms.

Mr Ahmad Amadi was the leader of the Muslim Against Terror Organization (MATO). It is a non-governmental organization that aims at deradicalising followers and promoting peace across the country. His status, influence and reputation have earned him massive recognition in the country. The religious organization also conduct seminars periodically to sensitise believers on the need for promoting peace and unity.


Nigeria is a multi-diverse country with millions of people of different religious and ethnic backgrounds. The two most prominent religious faith in the country are Islam and Christianity. Nigerians are considered highly religious people. This is why religion plays an important role in the country.


Author: Rosemary