NiajaFaces Online Singing Competition In Nigeria

Your platform for gobal exposure

Call for all the singers in the country to showcase your singing skills and let the world be lost in your melodies. NaijaFaces is Organizing First-Ever Virtual Singing Competition to encourage singers and recognize their talents. So just get your mic on and be ready to showcase your talent. Fabulous Prizes Awaits You.


Step 1: Go to signup for a free users’ account. Upload your profile and cover photos. Your profile photo must be you.

Step  2: Click on Edit in your profile and fill out your name, email, date of birth and your nick name. (Your email must be active)

STEP 3: Use your phone to record yourself while you sing and upload it to your channel on YouTube, and then post your YouTube video link on your timeline or newsfeed on

STEP 4:  Invite people to like your post or comment on your video link on Naijafaces. The more likes and comment you get, the closer you are to qualify for the contest. No FEES, NO MONEY PAID TO ANYONE. AUDITION IS FREE! You need a minimum of 100 likes and comments to enter the contest. Once your posted video on NaijaFaces receives 100 likes and 100 comments, you will receive invitation to the online competition group for free.

Once you are in the contest, you stand the chance to win N3.5 Million. You will receive details of how the contest will run. News and other  update about the contest will be disseminated within the group. All contest will take place online in WINNERS’ AWARD NIGHT will take place at Constantia Hotel, Airport Road, Benin City.
Author: Taiwo