Mtn Dew Is Giving Away $200K Through Its Outdoor Grants Program

Mtn Dew is encouraging fans to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. Not only is it good for you mentally and physically, but you could win big prizes, too. The purveyor of brightly colored beverages encourages outdoor enthusiasts to nominate local community organizations doing their part to protect and preserve.

The Outdoor Grants program, launched in September 2020, aims to give cold hard cash to organizations nominated by Dew Nation to help them keep doing their important work and keep outdoors people outside longer. Individuals and organizations can either nominate someone else or apply for themselves to receive $5,000 from Mtn Dew at Applications are open until November 8.

Applicants must fall into one of three project categories: outdoor conservation, outdoor participation, or outdoor access/infrastructure. Mtn Dew will select 40 winners who it feels best represent their local community and support a mission aimed at preservation and protection. A panel will judge submissions based on three categories: authenticity and creativity, local community impact, and influence on outdoor conservation and participation. Chase Rice, a well-known country singer, will head the judging panel, and winners will be announced in January 2022.

In addition to its Outdoor Grants program, Mtn Dew is giving fans a chance to win $25 toward their most recently purchased outdoor pass or license. Think hunting, hiking, fishing, and camping. You can either use that money to pay yourself back for your pass or put it toward a good cause by selecting a charity organization that’s working to protect and preserve. 

“The new $1 million fund will allow more outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy an array of adventurous activities, without financial barriers. In granting Dew Nation the option to pay it forward and give their stimulus to an outdoor organization, we are empowering people to fuel the great outdoors on their own terms,” Nicole Portwood, vice president of marketing at Mtn Dew, said in a press release.

Redeeming your Mtn Dew Outdoor Stimulus is almost as easy as cracking open a cold Mtn Dew. All you have to do is submit a photo of a 2020/2021 outdoor license or recreational pass, and you’re in the running for a $25 digital gift card. The competition is running for 12 weeks, so you’ve got plenty of time, but also you may need to be patient while waiting for your money.

In the meantime, Dew lovers can share their appreciation of the great outdoors online. Share pictures from your most recent hike or camping trip, flex on your fellow fishermen with a photo of your latest catch, or get a camo-clad ‘fit off for Instagram. Just be sure to use the hashtags #MTNDEWSTIMULUS and #GetOutAndDo. You can also use those hashtags to celebrate getting your money from Mtn Dew. 

Mtn Dew’s Get Out and Do program launched at the beginning of this year. More than 800,000 outdoorsy people applied, and Mtn Dew is hoping to duplicate that success this year. In doing so, the soda brand has brought on country singer Chase Rice to create his own rendition of “America the Beautiful” and remind Dew fans to apply.

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