Jewish Man Discovered Yeshua Is The Messiah While Reading His

A Jewish man wanted to have a personal relationship with God, just like what he had read in the Tanakh. But, as he read through his Hebrew bible, he discovered Yeshua resounding in the pages. Jewish man and his Tanakh The Jewish man grew up with his family in keen observation of the Jewish holidays and rituals. His father, the president of their synagogue, would always look back to what God had done with their forefathers. He would often wonder, “What is God doing now? Why are we always looking back?” During his twenties, he began to drift away from the synagogue. He wanted to find purpose and meaning, which he did not see in their religion. So, he looked into different avenues. But, he did not find the answer he was looking for. He then entered into the shipping business, which took him to different countries. But, everywhere he went, he would bring with him his Tanakh and rabbinic literature. Until one day, he started reading the Bible. He came upon Genesis 1:26-27, which talked about God creating man and woman. He was confused as to why God was referring to Himself with a plural pronoun. So, he brought this question to the rabbis. But, their answer did not convince him enough. As a result, he personally studied the God of their forefathers. And he discovered that his ancestors had a personal relationship with God, and he wanted what they had. So, he prayed, “God, I want to know you like our fathers.” A strong case for Yeshua The cost of online MBA degree in 2021 might surprise you Shortest MBA by TaboolaSponsored Links As he continued his study with the Law of Moses, the Prophets, and the Writings, a resume about the Messiah began to develop – his family background, his birthplace, and his time of coming. It provided a strong case for Yeshua, for Jesus to be the Messiah. So, he once again prayed, “God, if Yeshua is the Messiah and the Savior of the world, please reveal this to me.” One evening as he drove into the streets, he saw four crosses along the side of the road over the course of the trip. And whenever he would look at the cross, this overwhelming joy and peace would envelop him. From that time on, the name of Jesus would often appear in his mind. He finally believed in Jesus during an unforgettable experience. He fell asleep one evening while he was reading a book. Then, suddenly in his mind’s eye, he heard, “Yeshua Adonai, Yeshua my Lord.” He woke up with that phrase echoing in his heart and mind. Although his family rejected his newfound faith, he continued being a Jewish follower of Jesus. He encouraged everyone to pray for the continuing revival in Israel. “I encourage everyone to pray for the Jewish people to pray for the Peace of Jerusalem,” he said. “And to pray for the salvation of Israel.”

Author: Rosemary