5 Strange Creatures Created By Ambitious Scientists

Science is very important in our everyday life as its effort is the product of the things we are using for our present day-to-day activities. But sometimes science can be terrifying, and this is evident where some scientists around the world in their effort to better the world, ended up creating some mysterious creatures in their labs. From transparent frogs to featherless chickens, below are 5 strange creatures created by scientists.

1. Transparent Frogs

The transparent frogs are frogs that you can see their internal structure through their skin from outside, and these frogs were created by scientists at Hiroshima University in Japan. The scientists were able to achieve that by cross-breeding two different colors of the Japanese Brown frogs which end up producing a new frog that lacks pigment in its skin, thereby giving the transparent look.

2. Severed dog’s head alive and breathing.


In the early 20th century in the Soviet Union, a group of Russian scientists completely cut a dog’s head and separate it from the body, but they somehow managed to keep the head alive which was wiggling it ears in response to sound and even licking its mouth with its tongue. They revealed that they were able to keep the dog alive using an artificial blood circulation system.

American scientists in 2005 attempted to resurrect some set of dogs after they killed the dogs by extracting all the blood in their bodies and replaced with oxygen and sugar. After being Dead for 3 hours, the scientists gave the dogs a blood transfusion and electrocute them. Lo and behold, the dogs resurrected back to life. The goal of this experiment according to them is is that the procedure could one day revive people who are losing blood too quickly for doctors to repair their injuries.

3. Vacanti mouse

The Vacanti mouse is a strange mouse with the shape of human hair on its body. The human ear shape on was the work of Harvard scientists scientist Joseph and his brother Charles Vacanti, who planted an ear shape cartilage cells of a cow under the skin of the mouse, and an external ear-shaped structure to regulate the growth.

That is how the cartilage cell continues to grow naturally by itself in the restricted shape. The entire goal of this experiment according to the scientists is to better understand how they could help grow body parts for humans.

4. Sudden death mosquitoes

In an effort to eradicate mosquitoes from the surface of the Earth, scientists at Oxitec created a genetically modified species of male mosquitoes whose offspring will not be able to survive up to adulthood.

The goal was for these mosquitoes to mate with female mosquitoes who are the main agents of malaria and other diseases when released into the environment so that they will end up giving birth to an offspring that will die soon after birth. By so doing, the cycle of the mosquito population will gradually reduce till they are eradicated.

5. Featherless chicken

This bizarre species of chicken also known as The naked chicken was created by researchers in Israel in order to make chickens available at cheaper prices and also for convenience. One cool thing about this chicken is that it is not genetically modified, rather, it is a result of a long-time breeding method.

– Which of the creatures are you just finding out for the first time?

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Author: Histidine