4 HIV/AIDs Signs That Should Not Be Taken For Granted

HIV/AIDs is a viral bloodborne infection that is highly contagious and also very deadly. It is deadly in the sense that, there is yet to be finalized cure or medication that finally kicks out this dreaded disease, so people fear it because whoever that contracts it has to live his or her entire life looking for ways to manage the disease with antiretroviral drugs.

But there is something more deadly about the virus. What is that? You may ask, so let me break it down for you. HIV is one viral infection that gets very serious and unmanageable as it progresses or as it lasts in the host’s body. If you are suffering from HIV and perhaps you are unaware of this, you might end up finding it really hard to manage because as HIV progresses, it gets more serious and transits into AIDs.


AIDs is very difficult to handle and even at this stage, the virus has gotten to a point that it becomes more evident, opportunistic infections now start coming in and also the body’s immune system totally weakens. But how can you prevent this? The only way to prevent this kind of situation or scenario is knowing or being abreast with the signs of HIV. So, in this article, we are going to have a look at some of the signs you should never take for granted. Just sit tight and enjoy this piece whilst learning something new.

What Are The Signs Of HIV/AIDs that should not be taken for Granted?

1. Flu like Symptoms like Fever, Sore throat, tiredness; this is actually one of the initial signs that a person has contracted the virus. These signs start showing after a few weeks of coming in contact with the virus and perhaps the best stage to address or start making moves to handle it. If you are sure you shared sharp objects with someone or had unprotected copulation, then you should consider seeing a doctor.

2. Night Sweats; this is another sign of HIV that should not also be taken for granted. When the disease gets into the body and since it’s something that affects the body’s immune system, one of the signs that you shouldn’t take for granted is night sweats. If you start having episodes of might sweats of which sometimes the sweat wake you up in the middle of night, you should visit the hospital to know your status especially if you think you’ve come in contact with an infected person.

3. Swollen Lymph Nodes At various Parts of the Body; this is another sign of HIV/AIDs that should not be taken for granted. Though it is worthy to note that HIV is not the only reason why you might feel swollen lymph nodes in your body but if you have in the previous week or some weeks ago shared any thing related to sharp objects with someone without sterilizing it or had unprotected sex with someone you’re unsure of his or her status, you should take the swollen lymph nodes in your armpit and neck seriously. It should be given more attention , if they just appeared out of the blues or all of a sudden. Reason being that it’s one of the signs or symptoms of HIV/AIDs and the earlier you have it checked to be sure of your status, the better for you.

4. Rashes On The Body; this is another sign of HIV/AIDs. Most times the HIV virus manifests by causing rashes on the skin of the infected person. This is quite common and immediately you start seeing rashes that are quite unexplained on your body coupled with some signs or symptoms of the virus like swollen lymph nodes, flu like Symptoms etc. Do well to see a doctor for verification of your status


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